Seamus Lefroy-Brooks


Seamus is multi-chartered as a Geologist, Civil Engineer and Environmentalist. He has worked in the geoenvironmental sector for over 35 years and is both a SiLC and
a RoGEP.

He is immediate past Chairman of both the Land Forum and the AGS. He is chairman of the professional standards committee leading the initiative to deliver the NQMS for land contamination reports.

In 2012 Seamus was named by DEFRA as one of thirteen leading experts within the land contamination sector who assisted with the Part 2A statutory revisions and is one of the twelve experts subsequently appointed to the government’s National Expert Panel to assist local authorities with the regulation of Contaminated Land.

Seamus was a founding committee member of SoBRA and is a member of various BSI and CIRIA steering groups. He has been significantly involved in the present initiatives for asbestos in soils and is a member of the JIWG.

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National Quality Mark Scheme for Land Contamination Management

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