Richard Puttock, Peter Atchison, Michael Lunn

Environmental Industries Commission (EIC)

Richard Puttock:
Richard has been a long standing Member of the Environmental Industries Commission’s (EIC) Contaminated Land Working Group and acts as EIC''s representative on the C4SL Committee. He was a key contributor to EIC’s new report on reforming contaminated land regulation. He has also lectured to the Environment Agency, the Institution of Civil Engineers, the Institution of Structural Engineers, the Geological Society and the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. Richard will be discussing his experience of the regulatory system. Richard has over 30 years’ experience in land development and natural resource management. He joined Peter Brett Associates in 1987 and leads the geotechnical and contaminated land area of the Practice.

Richard has extensive involvement in a wide range of projects, encompassing residential, commercial, retail, leisure and industrial developments, and infrastructure projects including roads, rail, rivers, dams and utilities, as well as quarries, mines and landfills. These projects also include earthworks, slope stability, foundations, groundwater resources and drainage and the delivery of remedial strategies, waste minimisation and reuse as part of both the planning process and final construction validation.

Peter Atchison:
Peter Atchison is the Chair of The Environmental Industries Commission (EIC) Contaminated Land Working Group; which has transformed the regulatory landscape of contaminated and brownfield land management across the UK. As a consultant he specialised in contaminated land issues and now runs a company providing technical and commercial consultancy support in applications of specialised materials and services aimed at the sector. He is involved in both standards setting and advice to the legislative process through involvement in a number of standards committees.

Michael Lunn:
Michael is Public Affairs Director at The Environmental Industries Commission (EIC). Building on an extensive background in politics and influencing policy, Michael’s work at EIC focuses on contaminated land, air quality and international trade.

Over recent years Michael has led EIC''s work in influencing the establishment of Local Government brownfield registers and Permission in Principle (PiP) as well as ensuring Brownfield First policy is readopted by the Government. For 2018 Michael has focused on working with EIC Members to look at the slow decline of regulatory enforcement of land remediation.

Prior to joining EIC, Michael served as a policy advisor to the Conservative Party, with work focused on developing UK legislation on environmental issues in the House of Commons, as well as political policy around the environment.

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Panel Discussion - Making Land Remediation enforcement effective

The Environmental Industries Commission (EIC) will be launching a new report setting out industry concerns over the lack of rigorous enforcement of contaminated land procedures and regulations, and making proposals for creating an effective enforcement system that would help the industry thrive and deliver consistent outcomes for the industry whilst maintaining public health protection.


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