Conor Leyden and Nick Hartley


Conor – Conor has been managing the Invasive Plant Company since 2007 and has been influential in developing a number of remediation techniques that has helped propel the Invasive Plant Company to one of the largest specialist contractor in the country.

Prior to joining the Invasive Plant Company Conor has drawn his experience from 8 years of service at an international consultancy where he held the position of Senior Project Manager gaining invaluable experience in the commercial aspects of projects, programming, health and safety, cost control and design management.

Conor''s experience covers all aspects of advising, consulting, designing remediation strategies, implementation, completion and after care in relation to the treatment of Japanese Knotweed and other Invasive Species. Conor and his team at the Invasive Plant Company have the necessary expertise and experience for any type of Japanese Knotweed or other invasive non-native treatment however complex.

Nick -
Nick spent 5 years as the MD of one of the largest vegetation management company in the UK and was involved in the management of invasive vegetation prior to taking a directorial position with British Flora, one of the premier producers and specifiers or Native Wildflowers and Aquatic plants. Nick founded Ebsford in 2011 with the overall aim of delivering a total management approach to not only invasive vegetation but reinstatement and management of aquatic environments. His life-cycle approach and knowledge of native horticulture has seen him develop strategies for the Royal Parks, The National Trust, Environmental Agency as well as a multitude of LAs on both linear and open water bodies. Nick has a passion for education and community engagement and has been crucial in developing and integrating our specifications and technologies to add social value.

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Why choose an INNSA member?

The seminar will explain why treatment of Japanese Knotweed can take several years and how important it is that a programme of remediation is professionally tailored for each property. Many lending institutions impose conditions on providing loans and mortgages on properties where Japanese Knotweed is present (or even present on neighbouring properties). Ensuring that remediation programmes carry insurance backed warranties is essential.


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