Keynote Close Up - Dr. Frank Kleissen

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Dr. Frank Kleissen holds a masters degree in chemical engineering from University of Twente and a PhD in Environmental Systems Analysis from Imperial College London.

His main area of expertise is the use of mathematical models from a data perspective; including time-series analysis, model calibration, validation and application.

After completing his education, Dr Kleissen spent four years as a consultant at Environmental Resources Management, a year as senior consultant at RMconsultants, and another four years as senior consultant at HR Wallingford.

Joining Deltares over 17 years ago in 2000, Dr Kleissen is currently senior advisor/senior researcher at the firm - an independent institute for applied research in the field of water, subsurface and infrastructure.

Over a successful and distinguished career, Dr Kleissen has gained experience in environmental assessments related to aquatic issues and hydrodynamic and water quality modelling (various dimensions) of marine, estuarine and freshwater systems (including groundwater).

He has specialised in the effects of intake/outfalls (power stations, desalination, sewage treatment), oil pollution modelling (fate of spilled oil) and risk assessment.

Some of his most notable achievements to date include his instrumental role in the development of the Netherlands-accepted discharge test and the development of the EU guidance document on mixing zones.

Dr Kleissen’s seminar on spill assessment and operational modelling techniques will discuss what’s needed for the modelling techniques used to assess the effects of spills to be able to be used within assessments (for planning/permits), and how they can be used for short term operational forecasting.

The unmissable presentation will also address model setup, validation, calibration, accuracy, data requirements and how these model systems can be used to deliver the information that is needed.

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