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Aquaread Limited

Aquaread offer highly accurate level and depth monitoring instruments that bring vital water level data to those who need it most in times of flooding.

Our LeveLine-EWS can pre alert of rising waters giving you time to take action. the system involves a water level sensor installed in the river connected to a telemetry device. This device transmits level data continuously to a web server. Numerous people can log in online to monitor the level of the river, but more importantly alert points can be set, for example amber and red alerts, a warning alert and a take action alert. This can help to prepare your defences or to move valuables to help limit the damage and costs caused by flooding.

Unfortunately flooding will happen and does happen often leaving behind large pools of water which can rapidly stagnate and bring other issues. Our multiparameter water quality testing Aquaprobes enable agencies to monitor these pools and check many different water quality parameters at once which can enable them to take further actions on water that may cause illness etc.

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