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Airborne Environmental Consultants Ltd

Airborne Environmental Consultants (AEC) are a leading independent environmental health & safety consultancy. Our core specialisms include Asbestos, Legionella & Water Hygiene, Occupational Hygiene, Health & Safety, Fire and training services.

As experts, we understand that ensuring the safety of your site, staff and customers is a major priority and we provide all the support, advice and accreditation you need to ensure your land and project is risk free.

We are proud to offer a comprehensive service in asbestos in soils and specialise in three areas:

1. Soils Inspection & Testing
We offer soils testing and inspection for asbestos at our UKAS-accredited laboratory carrying out three stages of testing for asbestos in soil:
Stage 1: Initial Bulk Analysis
Stage 2: Gravimetric analysis to determine percentage asbestos in soil by weight
Stage 3: Fibre Counting and Sizing by Phase Contrast Optical Microscopy (PCOM) (Fine Fraction)
We can also test for other contaminants via our approved partners, giving you one point of contact for your soils analysis requirements.

2. Soils on-site services
AEC offers a number of soils services to support you during your construction phases. Working with your preliminary report/findings, we can carry out site surveys and air monitoring and also provide a project manager to work with you to manage and assess the site where asbestos is concerned.

3. Asbestos in soils training
We are one of the largest vocational training providers in the UK and currently offer three training courses at our North and South offices.
- Asbestos awareness for soils and construction and demolition materials ½ day
- Non-licensed training for land remediation contractors 1 day
- Asbestos in soils and contaminated land 1 day
To discuss any of our asbestos in soils services or training needs please call AEC North 0161 872 7111, AEC South 0203 384 6175.

0161 872 7111

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