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  • Dr. Yvonne Waterman: Speaking at the Flood Expo

    Dr. Yvonne Waterman

    European Asbestos Forum Foundation

    The Asbestos (in) Industry

  • Trevor Renals: Speaking at the Flood Expo

    Trevor Renals

    Environment Agency

    The Japanese knotweed invasion, past, present and future.

  • Alan Thomas: Speaking at the Flood Expo

    Alan Thomas


    Innovation in site characterisation to reduce project risks and lifecycle costs

  • Janice Hiller: Speaking at the Flood Expo

    Janice Hiller

    In-Situ Inc.

    Using real-time monitoring to optimize groundwater remediation outcomes

  • Dr. Frank Kleissen: Speaking at the Flood Expo

    Dr. Frank Kleissen


    Spill assessment and operational modelling techniques

  • Stephen Sadley: Speaking at the Flood Expo

    Stephen Sadley

    Asbestos Removal Contractors Association (ARCA)

    Asbestos Removal – Reassurance of good risk management

  • Stephen Platkiw: Speaking at the Flood Expo

    Stephen Platkiw

    Asbestos Testing and Consultancy Association (ATaC)

    Asbestos Management - Communication between all Parties

  • Nicolas Seal: Speaking at the Flood Expo

    Nicolas Seal

    Environet UK Ltd

    How to remove Japanese knotweed from Development Sites

  • Dr Chris Evans: Speaking at the Flood Expo

    Dr Chris Evans

    HBR Limited

    Treatment Train Targeting of Chlorinated Solvents at a Pharmaceutical Site

  • Dr Chris Stopford: Speaking at the Flood Expo

    Dr Chris Stopford

    The University of Hertfordshire

    Real-time detection of airborne asbestos by light scattering from magnetically re-aligned fibres

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The Contamination Expo Series May Update

The Contamination Expo Series has gone from strength to strength over the last few months, with requests to exhibit continuing to flood in. Some of the latest specialist suppliers to add...


ARCA Site Audits Go Electronic

Last month ARCA introduced a new app for its auditors to gather information while on-site and to report the site audit findings. After a trial period the app, a unique app...


ARCA Announces the First NVQ for Experienced Operatives

In February ARCA announced the availability of the first National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) for experienced asbestos removal operatives in the UK. For asbestos removal operatives to gain access to work on...